Devotional music is one of the most powerful practices for healing our humanity to awaken to our deeper natures. As peace and love enters each of us, peace and love enters the world. I continue to expand my vision through a lifetime practice of Kirtan and devotional living, with a wide range of communities across the US and internationally, guiding people into their hearts through the sacred Bhakti practices.

One translation for Kirtan (or Bhakti Yoga) is “to celebrate in song.” This celebration is brought to life and shared brilliantly through the easeful, gracious and proficient musical offerings of Leraine Horstmanshoff.

Leraine effortlessly connects to each instrument that she brings into play and the sweet vibration of love is easily accessed through the interplay of call and response with the audience. When we repeat these mantras and prayers we call out to the Universe. By combining the vibrations of music, love, gratitude and connection the energy rises and settles sweetly into the core of our beings. Leraine is a master of this chanting style and leads each group fluently along the sound currents which connect us to the divine spirit that lives and flows in all things.


Leraine fluteLeraine’s first experience with Kirtan was at a John Friend yoga retreat over 12 years ago. Every night for six nights she participated in the chanting that was led by Krishna Das and his band. At first she was reluctant to be fully present with this “hippie-dippie stuff,” as she affectionately thought of it. But she soon let go and became fully immersed in a river of light, sweetness, love and peace within the hour and was hooked. At this first Kirtan, Leraine met Krishna Das Band, Benjy and Heather Wertheimer and became fast friends with them and they have since lead many Kirtans together. They have been great mentors and friends on Leraine’s path of Kirtan.

Benjy helped produce Leraine’s first Kirtan CD titled “Harmony,” released in 2009. “Leraine is a wonder! She combines a distinctive vocal sweetness with incredible musical skill on a wide range of instruments to provide one of the most rocking Kirtan experiences anywhere,” says Benjy.

Leraine has a large following of Kirtan regulars and plays regularly at The Center For Spiritual Living in Salt Lake City where Reverend Elizabeth O’Day says, “….Leraine is heart-centered, spirit-filled and an excellent musician. She brings a contemporary presence to the music, as well as deeply authentic material.”

As a world-traveled musician, Leraine’s path into spirit-centered music continues and she is excited to be able to share her God-given gifts of music and connection with people all over the world.

To experience her live, is to feel connected to your essence.

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