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Leraine’s Kirtan is a delightful, refreshing journey, beginning with sweet music and singing to bring us into our hearts, gently rising to an ecstatic rock-out crescendo, and returning to the still place within.

Leraine effortlessly combines the play and the sweet vibration of love as we become one with song. When we repeat these mantras and prayers we call out to the Universe. By combining the vibrations of music, love, gratitude and connection the energy rises and settles sweetly into the core of our beings.

Leraine’s powerful container of love allows all participants to express themselves in a simultaneously sacred and playful environment. She is a master of this chanting style incorporating classic Sanskrit, Native American, English traditions and more.

Leraine has opened for Snatum Kaur and has sung onstage with Shantala, Deva Premal, Snatum Kaur and Saul David Raye.

Besides being a powerful Kirtan leader, Leraine is a certified yoga instructor and frequently facilitates workshops and retreats to teach participants how to incorporate devotional song, embodied movement and healthy living into their lives. These include Live Yoga Accompaniment, Breathwork, Vibrational Sound Healing, Embodying Your Voice, Didgeridoo Workshop, Gong Bath Meditation, The Art of Listening Through Music, and much more. Leraine’s own practice in yoga, ecstatic dance and movement helps her to serve the flow and energy of strength and ease to enhance meditative practices.

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