The RAV Vast Drum takes everybody by surprise. It is a discovery to everyone who finds it. The RAV Drum has a meditative, hypnotic and tranquil sound. Among all drums and handpans, it is the only drum that has a complete harmony of 4-7 tones on each tongue.
Thanks to our secret patents, its sound is as rich as some of the most popular and in-demand instruments, such as PANart Hang.
For Info about how to place your order contact: lerainemusic@gmail.com or call 801.750.6202

RAV Vast Steel Tongue Drum against tree

  • The RAV Vast has a large Ding as well as 8 tonguesin a circle.
  • The Ding has up to 7 tuned tones.
  • Each tongue in the circle has 4-5 tones tuned to it. That is why the RAV Vast has the greatest range and most harmonious sound among all similar drums in the world.
  • We have 9 different tunings available for order. Every tuning is built in the manner that you can’t play a false note. RAV Vast tongues are extremely sensitive and getting started takes minutes.
  • The loudness of a RAV Vast is the same as any handpan and is easily loud enough to play in the open air. For Info about how to place your order contact: lerainemusic@gmail.com or call 801.750.6202

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I pay for my RAV?

    We accept credit/debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard or Maestro) and PayPal. The security of processing Internet payments is guaranteed by the Fondy.eu payment acceptance system. All operations with payment cards take place in accordance with the requirements of VISA International and MasterCard.

    Is there a partial payment plan?

    Yes, you can divide the payment into several parts. The first payment should be $100 or more.

    How much are customs fees?

    In some countries, especially in the European Union you will need to pay the customs fee which can be around 20-30%. We can claim a lower price on your parcel to reduce the fees and save your money.

    How long will I wait for my RAV Vast after payment?
    The waiting time is about 8-12 weeks long after placing order. The waiting time is approximate and it can significantly change depending on circumstances.
    How much is the shipping cost?
    Shipping price for one RAV is: Europe – $62; USA, Japan – $77; Taiwan – $92; Australia, Africa, New Zealand – $110. You can calculate the shipping cost to your country here.
    I placed the order and paid for it, how can I check delivery status?
    After dispatching your order we send you the tracking number which you can use here to check the delivery status. If you haven’t got your number, please contact us.
    What about customizations (colour, tuning, material, etc.)?
    Custom options are not available as we don’t want to take risks and conduct unpredictable experiments. Every scale we offer is carefully selected and tuned in the way to make it sound as good as possible on a RAV.
    Which tuning should I get? How to choose the best one for me?
    Every scale represents a certain mood and culture – try listening to the demonstrations (you can do it here) and find the one you like the most. If you’re having trouble deciding, feel free to ask us – we’ll guide you through the tunings and help with the right choice.
    Which tuning is the best for beginners?
    We recommend B Celtic or D Major – those are the most beginner-friendly tunings.
    How do I take care of my RAV?
    We suggest two caring products: Phoenix Handpan Oil, which was designed specifically for taking care of handpans and RAV drums, or Frog Lube CLP. If you don’t have those available in your place, try using coconut oil. Depending on humidity in your place, you should figure out how many times a month should you apply the product. If you live in a humid place, we suggest applying it once or twice a week. For the places with normal/low humidity it’s okay to use it once or twice a month.
    How can I try playing a RAV?
    Tell us where are you based and we will try and find a RAV reseller/partner in the same area. Or we can show you the drum live via Skype or other videochat.

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